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Laser Assisted Regeneration
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Revolutionizing Dental Care with Dr. Christopher Webb

Smiling middle aged couple on a sailboat after receiving periodontal treatment.Laser Assisted Regeneration (LAR), is a groundbreaking procedure that represents the forefront of dental care technology. Here at our practice, we're not just about treating dental issues—we're about using the most advanced treatments available to restore your oral health and improve your quality of life. Dr. Christopher Webb, with his specialized training in LAR, is at the forefront of this innovative dental care solution, particularly beneficial for patients experiencing bone loss and various other dental conditions.

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What is Laser Assisted Regeneration (LAR)?

Laser Assisted Regeneration is a cutting-edge procedure that combines the precision of laser technology with the body's natural healing processes to regenerate bone and soft tissue in the mouth. This technique is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from periodontal disease, which often leads to bone loss, or those who have experienced trauma or other conditions that affect oral structures.

PerioLase MVP-7

Dr. Webb uses the PerioLase MVP-7 and specifically the Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (“LANAP”) when performing Laser Assisted Regeneration. The MVP-7 is most up to date and top of the line laser for performing LAR. The MVP-7 is unique in that it has 7 different laser pulse configurations (like having 7 different types of lasers) to be able to accomplish LAR.

How Does LAR Work?

LAR works by directing a highly focused laser beam at the affected area, which accomplishes several critical objectives:

•  Removal of Diseased Tissue: The laser selectively targets and removes diseased tissue without harming the healthy surrounding tissue.

•  Stimulation of Regeneration: The laser energy stimulates the cells in the bone and surrounding tissues, encouraging them to regenerate and rebuild the lost structures.

•  Reduction of Bacteria: The procedure significantly reduces the bacterial load in the area, decreasing the risk of further infection and promoting a healthier oral environment.

This approach not only treats the existing condition but also promotes the natural regrowth of lost tissue, offering a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution than traditional treatments.

The Benefits of LAR

•  Minimized Discomfort and Pain: The precision of laser treatment reduces the need for incisions, resulting in less post-operative pain and discomfort.

•  Faster Healing Time: The minimally invasive nature of the procedure promotes quicker healing times compared to conventional surgery.

•  Reduced Risk of Infection: The laser's ability to sterilize the treated area lowers the risk of postoperative infections.

•  Preservation of Healthy Tissue: The targeted approach of LAR ensures that only diseased tissue is removed, preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.

Dr. Webb performs both LAR and Conventional Bone Augmentation Surgery. During your consultation, he will discuss with you which is best for your case. In many cases, they are both clinically acceptable and it will come down to the patient’s preference.

Dr. Christopher Webb: A Specialist in LAR

Dr. Webb has undergone extensive training in Laser Assisted Regeneration, equipping him with the skills and knowledge to perform this advanced procedure with the highest level of precision and care. His expertise in LAR, combined with a comprehensive understanding of periodontal health, makes him particularly adept at treating patients with complex dental issues, including significant bone loss.

Choosing Dr. Webb for your LAR procedure means placing your trust in a professional who is not only technically proficient but also deeply committed to providing personalized care that addresses your specific needs and health goals.

Who Can Benefit from LAR?

LAR is especially suited for patients who have experienced bone loss due to periodontal disease, trauma, or other conditions. However, the best way to determine if LAR is the right choice for you is through a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Webb. During your consultation, Dr. Webb will evaluate your oral health, discuss your treatment goals, and recommend the most effective treatment plan tailored to your situation.

Ready to Explore the Benefits of LAR?

If you're struggling with bone loss or other dental conditions and are looking for a treatment option that offers both healing and regeneration, Laser Assisted Regeneration with Dr. Christopher Webb may be the solution you've been searching for. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant smile.

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