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What is Periodontal Surgery

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Evan
What is Periodontal SurgeryThis surgery is done to repair the function and look of gums, bone, and damaged teeth. Since there can be other ways to solve missing teeth and gum problems, not everyone needs to have periodontal surgery, which is why a periodontist would assist you in determining whether you are a candidate. Also, periodontal surgery comes with many options depending on your needs, such as comfort, a specific case as well as budget. As much as you will be working towards boosting your confidence when you get the surgery done, you also deserve it.

Options of Periodontal Surgery

The first type of surgery is the lengthening of the dental crown, which is carried out to eliminate excess bone and gum tissue found on teeth. The grafting of soft tissue is the other type of crown lengthening because it is done where reduction of gum recession and tooth root protection is required to prevent damage. Tissue and bone grafting is the type of surgery undertaken for existing tooth stabilization or dental implant preparation. The last but not least type of periodontal surgery is pocket reduction or flat flap surgery for separating a tooth from gums when an infected root needs cleaning.

Is Periodontal Surgery Essential

If a patient lives with a periodontal disease that stays long without being identified, it can progress to a more severe stage that only surgery can treat. That is why patients are always recommended for frequent checkups so that in case of periodontal illness, signs are identified, and they are treated on time before they advance to a point where only the operation can deal with it. However, surgery is necessary if the periodontal illness is identified at its advanced stage. Still, the good thing is there is a solution for every stage, which is made easier by dentists.

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