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Managing Periodontitis: A Patient's Guide

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Evan
Managing Periodontitis: A Patient's GuideIf you have been recently diagnosed with periodontitis, you must take action to manage the condition. When it is not treated, it can result in tooth loss and other health complications. In this blog, we will discuss the management of periodontitis in patients. We will look at the different treatment options available and tips for preventing the disease from progressing.

Brush Your Teeth and Floss At Least Twice a Day

Periodontitis is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on your teeth. Plaque leads to gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. If plaque is not removed, it can harden and turn into tartar. Tartar can be eliminated by a dentist or dental hygienist. Brushing your teeth and flossing at least twice daily can help prevent plaque build-up.

See Your Dentist for Regular Checkups and Cleanings

A dentist can tell if you have periodontitis and how severe it is. They will also be able to clean your teeth and eliminate any tartar or plaque that has built up. Seeing a dentist regularly is essential so they can catch any problems early on.

Quit Smoking If You Smoke

Smoking involves all sorts of chemicals that can irritate your gums and lead to inflammation. It's one of the most significant risk factors for periodontitis. If you smoke, quitting is essential to managing the disease and protecting your oral health.

Eat a Healthy Diet Rich in Antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Antioxidants in food like fruits and vegetables can help reduce inflammation. Foods containing omega-three fatty acids like salmon, tuna, walnuts, and flaxseeds are also helpful. A diet rich in these nutrients is good for your overall health and can also help reduce gum disease symptoms.

Our clinic offers services to help patients manage their periodontitis. We offer gum disease therapy, a deep cleaning treatment that removes tartar and bacteria below the gum line. This therapy can help reduce inflammation and bleeding, and it can also help prevent further damage to the gums.

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