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What is the Connection Between Gum Disease and Diabetes?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
What is the Connection Between Gum Disease and Diabetes?Gum disease is extremely common, but did you know it is more likely to appear in people with diabetes? Like other diabetes-related complications, gum disease risk and severity increase when blood sugar levels decrease.


People with diabetes are more likely to get gum disease due to two main mechanisms. Growth of bacteria, bacteria thrive on sugar, particularly the glucose contained in blood and other body fluids. Bacteria can thrive in the high concentrations of sugar found in some people's saliva. If your gums are bleeding, the danger may be greater.

Diabetes causes the thickening of the blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to deliver oxygen to the gums and remove waste products. The body's natural defenses against tooth decay can be compromised by a drop in blood flow to the mouth. If your blood flow is already low from smoking, your risk of periodontal disease will increase dramatically.


Keeping your blood sugar under control is the most important thing to protect your gums from infection if you have diabetes. Use a gentle, curved motion when flossing your teeth to get below the gum line and remove plaque and food debris. Once you have finished flossing, you should wash your mouth out.

Brush your teeth twice daily with a soft bristle brush and gentle, circular strokes. Do not apply undue force on your teeth. Remove bacteria that may have settled on your tongue by gently brushing it. To eliminate tough-to-reach bacteria, try gargling with anti-bacterial mouthwash.

It is important to know that healing from oral surgery may be slower if you have diabetes. You must come for routine examinations and inform the dentist that you have diabetes to receive the proper treatment. If you follow these instructions, you can keep your teeth and gums in good health for the rest of your life.

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