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What to Do About Your Receding Gums?

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Evan
What to Do About Your Receding Gums?Receding gums is a common problem that affects many people. In fact, according to the ADA, about half of all adults in the United States have some degree of gum recession. You can do multiple things to address this issue and protect your teeth from further damage.

Reasons Behind Receding Gums?

Receding gums, or the gradual loss of gum tissue, can be caused by various factors. Some of the most common causes include poor dental hygiene, certain underlying medical conditions, and medications. Inadequate oral care is one of the most common contributors to receding gums. This can include not brushing or flossing regularly and allowing bacteria in plaque to accumulate on teeth over time. Certain medical conditions can also cause your gums to recede, including diabetes and hormonal imbalances. Additionally, certain medications may have a side effect of causing your gums to recede.

Treatments for Receding Gums

Several treatments can help to address this issue. For mild cases, simply practicing good oral hygiene habits, such as regular brushing and flossing, can be enough to slow the progression of receding gums. Professional treatment may be necessary in more severe cases where the tissue has begun to pull back from the teeth and expose sensitive roots. Root scaling and planing are two standard therapies that involve cleaning and smoothing teeth to remove bacteria-laden plaque buildup. Additionally, periodontal surgery may also be required in some cases, mainly if underlying damage or inflammation is present in the gums.

How To Prevent Receding Gums?

On a good note, there are several steps you can take can do to help prevent receding gums in the first place. In addition to practicing good oral hygiene, quitting smoking and using tobacco products can also help to reduce your risk. Additionally, managing underlying medical conditions and being mindful of medications that may cause gum recession can also help keep your gums healthy. If concerned about your receding gums or already experiencing symptoms, be sure to talk to our dentist.

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