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Receding Gums Can Happen if You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Evan
Receding Gums Can Happen if You Drink Too Much AlcoholAlcohol consumption is known to cause adverse effects on your general well-being. Excessive consumption of alcohol is bad for your overall health and your oral health. If you have gum disease, this habit can worsen it significantly. A study done by the Journal of Periodontology shows that individuals with drinking problems have worse gum disease than those that don't. This is a clear sign that alcohol consumption can cause gum recession. Therefore, you should quit alcohol consumption or cut down on it to keep your gums healthy.

Gum Recession and Alcohol Consumption

Several studies have established the connection between excessive alcohol consumption and gum recession. Most studies found that a specific bacterium that trigger gum disease was present in alcohol consumers. This bacterium was not found in individuals that don't drink. The studies found several bacteria in excessive alcohol consumers. Some of the bacteria found include Prevotella intermedia, Eikenella corrodens, and Fusobacterium nucleatum. Other studies have linked Fusobacterium nucleatum to the development of cancer.

Furthermore, the studies also found individuals who drink excessive alcohol have higher inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to your body. The continued presence of these chemicals on your gum can cause a recession. This is why we advise you to cut down on alcohol consumption or quit it altogether. By doing so, you help keep your gums in excellent condition. You will also prevent the presence of infections.

If you have the habit of taking alcohol regularly, there are several ways you can stop that habit. For starters, dehydration is the most common cause of gum recession. Therefore, you should always ensure that you are dehydrated if you drink alcohol. This makes it easier easy to prevent dry mouth and gum recession. Get in touch with us for more information on gum recession and alcohol consumption.

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