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Candidate for all on x dental implants

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Evan
Candidate for all on x dental implantsIf you have missing teeth, then you are a candidate for all on x dental implants. Dental implants are effective in replacing teeth. If you do not treat damaged teeth, you are likely to lose them and this might need you to have dental implants. Several factors will determine if you can have dental implants. The dentist will help determine if you are fit to have the implant procedure.

Missing teeth

Facial structure and gum diseases can make you lose your teeth. Implants are adaptable and are a good replacement and restoration option for teeth. The implants can replace a single tooth, group of teeth, and even a complete arch of teeth.

If you are an adult

You can have an implant procedure if you are at any age, there is no age limit to having dental implants. However small children or even old people are advised not to have dental implants. This is because they might have a weaker jawbone. When the jawbone is fully developed and is strong you can have dental implants without having any oral complications.

If you are healthy

Dental implants will require you to have surgery, this means that you need to be healthy so that you will undergo the surgical process. If you have diseases such as heart issues, diabetes this can make you a less candidate. The condition needs to be managed first so that dental implant surgery will be done. Oral health, as well as general oral being, is vital. If you have oral health issues like periodontal disease or cavities, then you need to seek immediate dental assistance. The dentist will examine you and determine your candidature for dental implants using the all-on- x procedure. This is done by an oral examination when you go for dental visits.
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