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What Are the Differences Between a Periodontist and Oral Surgeon?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Evan Admin
What Are the Differences Between a Periodontist and Oral Surgeon?You need dental services and are unsure whether you need to approach a periodontist or go to an oral surgeon. These two both take care of your oral health, but they are not synonymous with each other. The former specializes in gum and tissue health, while the latter is well-trained to perform complicated surgeries for treatment and aesthetic purposes. Here we distinguish one from the other in a way that would help you decide which one to go.

The Periodontist

The periodontist is primarily concerned about the health of your gums as the base for your teeth. They are constantly watching for gum problems that arise from tooth decay, injury, or congenital issues. They focus primarily on preventive care and keeping teeth in prime condition.

A periodontist may also recommend and place dental implants, as seen fit. Depending on the jawbone condition, the periodontist may recommend bone grafting if the bone density is not enough to support implants. Another specialty of a periodontist is gum grafting. Receded gums.

The Oral Surgeon

An oral surgeon is the professional to approach for more complicated procedures, like repairing injuries from accidents, removing cancerous growths inside the mouth and jaw, and complex dental extractions.

Oral surgeons perform procedures on the mouth, jaw, and face if necessary. Concerns like tongue-tie, jaw alignments, and cleft palate are among the many that an oral surgeon addresses. We advise you have your wisdom tooth extractions completed by an oral surgeon due to their complexity.

A Periodontist Versus Oral Surgeon

In summary, a periodontist's work centers on preventive oral care while an oral surgeon focuses on a wide array of complex restorative procedures. Our periodontists and oral surgeons await to give you the best oral health care. Please schedule an appointment with us and feel at ease with our team of professional periodontal specialists.

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