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What is a Periodontist and What Do They Do?

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Evan
What is a Periodontist and What Do They Do?Periodontics is in the field of dentistry. Most general dentists can diagnose and treat cases of periodontal disease that are mild, but more complex or severe cases are usually referred to a periodontist. They have additional training and experience in performing periodontic procedures. Periodontists focus on treating, diagnosing, and preventing diseases that directly affect dental implants and the gums. They have an additional three years of training and education on top of an essential dentistry degree. This allows them to be equipped to diagnose specific conditions and offer many effective treatments to the patient.

Periodontists and Gum Disease

Periodontists usually will perform procedures such as root planning and scaling for mild gum disease conditions. These non-surgical and less invasive treatments consist of using specific hand tools to clean the surfaces of the teeth that are below the gum line. If the gum tissue doesn't fit snug against the teeth anymore, gum surgery may be required in cases where periodontal disease has significantly progressed. A surgical procedure, called pocket reduction, is done by a periodontist that will open a flap within the gums to remove infected gum tissue. Tooth loss is possible if gum disease goes untreated and progresses because supporting tissues can become damaged, and the jawbone can erode. Periodontists can aid in reversing advanced gum disease damage in some cases and do regenerative procedures such as gum and bone grafts.

Why Do You Need To See A Periodontist

Regular visits to a dentist along with daily brushing and flossing are crucial to having good oral health. Although there are cosmetic reasons to go and see a periodontist, patients with complex or severe cases of gum disease are referred to a periodontist to treat their persistent gum disease and prevent it from reoccurring. Plastic surgery at a periodontal practice can treat several issues that significantly affect your smile's appearance, including missing teeth, receding gums, and excess gums.

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