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What is Gingivitis?

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Evan
What is Gingivitis?Gingivitis is mild and affects the gum causing swelling, bleeding, and redness of the gum. If treatment is not early, enough it leads to periodontitis, which is a serious form of gum disease. Regular dental visits will help identify any gum disease that might be catching up with you. Gingivitis is mild in such a way that it does not cause pain. To know if you have gingivitis the gums will be red, spongy, swollen, and shiny. The gums will bleed easily if you have gingivitis. A small area of the mouth is affected by gingivitis, you need to observe dental hygiene to avoid the gingivitis.

Causes of Gingivitis

Gingivitis will occur when bacteria in the plaque remove toxins irritating and causing inflammation. This leads to bad breath and one gets mouth infections. Smoking is another thing that will cause gingivitis. The smoke causes stains to the teeth and there is the development of plaque and tartar. During dental visits, the dentists need to clean all the plaque and tartar and this avoids gingivitis.

Treatment of Gingivitis

It is possible to treat and prevent gingivitis. If you notice, any symptoms of gingivitis see the dentist immediately. The dentist will clean and remove any plaque and tartar that is on your teeth. The dentist will also examine your oral health or a check-up. This will assist in the determination if gingivitis is present. The dentist will recommend the best treatment option for you if you have gingivitis.

Types of Gingivitis

There are two common types of gingivitis. The dental plaque-induced gingival causes are the systematic factors, malnutrition as well as plaque itself. Then there is the no-plaque induced gingival lesion its causes is certain bacteria, fungus, and virus. This is due to some factors such as allergies to some illnesses, genetic factors, wounds as well as reactions to foreign bodies such as dentures.

Visit us if you notice any symptoms of gingivitis and you will get treatment before it advances.

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