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Unhealthy Gums Could Result in Heart Problems

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Evan
Unhealthy Gums Could Result in Heart ProblemsStudies have shown that healthy teeth and gums make a big contribution to your overall health. They have also shown that gum disease people are more likely to develop heart problems than those with healthy gums and teeth. Here is a detailed explanation of how unhealthy gums could result in heart problems.

Unhealthy Gums and Heart Problems

Plaque forms when food particles mix with saliva. Gum disease starts with plaque building upon the surface of the teeth. When plaque is not cleaned out, it hardens over time to form tartar. Once it has hardened, it becomes much more difficult to clean from the teeth. Bacteria then starts feeding and producing acid as a by-product, which it uses to weaken the protective layers of the teeth and gums. Once weak enough, it finds its way into the gums and deeper tissues, where it causes damage and spreads even further inside.

As this plaque builds up on the teeth, it spreads to the heart and its supply lines. Droplets of fat and calcium start to build up inside the supply lines of the heart. As they grow bigger, they start to block the veins and arteries, leading to reduced blood supply or increased blood pressure. This, in turn, leads to the heart malfunctioning.

When you have gum disease, the body becomes more vulnerable to inflammation. Inflammation is caused by immune cells that prevent the spread of disease. A long-term effect of inflammation is the risk of heart disease due to blockage of blood supply lines, which it causes.

Gum disease also helps bacteria get into the bloodstream from the teeth. The soft pulp of the tooth gets regular nourishment from the flow of blood through it. When there is a lingering infection, the bacteria finds its way into the bloodstream and eventually to the heart.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

To avoid contracting heart disease from gum infection, you must maintain regular visits to our offices for a check-up. We also recommend that you keep your teeth and gums healthy by cleaning them regularly using the right products. Contact us for any information regarding your dental health.
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