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What Foods Should You Avoid To Keep Your Gums Healthy?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Center for Advanced Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
What Foods Should You Avoid To Keep Your Gums Healthy?Even if it is hard to believe, the health of our teeth and gums also depends on what we eat. There is a reason why we say that we must take care of ourselves from the inside out. Before even knowing which foods are good for our teeth, it is just as important to learn which foods to avoid. This can help to better take care of your gums, which are quite delicate and easily prone to infection.


All kinds of chewy food with calories and sugar - such as candies, mints, and lollipops – can represent a danger to our oral health. Not only do they not provide any nutritional value, but their high degree of sugar and their consistency make them adhere easily to the surface of our teeth and gums. Bacterial plaque is made up of just that: sugars and bacteria from dental food accumulation.

Sweet Drinks

Sodas, energy drinks, and juices high in sugar (even natural ones) are, simply put, a sweet tooth bath. Glucose and natural fructose, especially that in acidic fruits, will damage and harm your teeth and gum tissue. Additionally, they promote the appearance of cavities.


All starch-based foods made with white flour are bad for your teeth and gums. Simple carbohydrates are metabolized as glucose, which when positioned on the teeth generates bacterial proliferation. This will consequently cause gingivitis, similar to how acid produces cavities.

With these recommendations, we do not mean that you should eliminate these foods completely from your diet. However, moderation should be practiced with these types of foods. Employing proper oral hygiene, a controlled consumption of these foods, and a regular dental check-up with our team can be sufficient to help maintain optimal health of your teeth and gums. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today to obtain the best prophylactic measures in order to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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