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Understanding The Different Types Of Orthognathic Surgery

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Weo Admin
3D illustration of mandibleOrthognathic surgery, also known as jaw surgery, is an operative treatment for correcting defects in the jawbone. The defects could either be structural or developmental. At the end of the jaw surgery, both the teeth and the jaws need to be in proper alignment to work seamlessly.

Maxillary versus mandibular osteotomy

Maxillary osteotomy is done on the upper jaw. Maxillary osteotomy aims to correct the following defects: cross bites, open bites, receded or protruded upper jaws, too much or too little teeth showing, and midfacial hypoplasia. Once jaw alignment is achieved, doctors use plates and screws to hold the bone in the new location. Mandibular osteotomy on the hand addresses the lower jaw. The major lower jaw defect is an underbite. The doctors can either move the jaw backward or forward. This, however, depends on the bite alignment of the patient. Bimaxillary osteotomy is a combination of both maxillary and mandibular surgery. This combined surgery repositions the upper and lower jaw in one procedure.

Temporomandibular joint surgery

This type of surgery is specific to the jaw joint. Issues such as chronic pain, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, and clicking or popping are addressed with a TMJ surgery. Besides repositioning and reshaping, it also repairs worn-out tissue in the jaw joint.

Genioplasty and orthodontic surgery

Genioplasty has to do with the chin. The chin is reshaped to improve the overall appearance of the face. Be it small or large, a receding or weak chin, genioplasty can balance the synchronization of the face. Orthodontic surgery combines both surgery and the use of dental appliances.

Orthodontic surgery serves two functions. Firstly, it transposes the lower and upper jaw to correct all forms of bite disorders. Secondly, it improves facial esthetics. Before our doctors can recommend the type of jaw surgery to settle for, they will engage you on your unique needs and goals of the surgery. Our doctors are thorough in their work. They will endeavor to give you value for your money. Feel free to reach out to us today.

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