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Habits That Facilitate A Smooth Recovery After Jaw Surgery

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Weo Admin
woman smiling with a green smoothieAfter jaw surgery, you can expect to stay in the hospital for one to four days. The first 24 hours of stay at the hospital are very crucial. That is the time doctors utilize to monitor your progress and response to the treatment before letting you go home.

Drinking meals

As bizarre as it sounds, drinking meals is the way to go. By this we mean, begin with liquid diets such as pureed and mashed foods. Soups and yogurts are excellent options too. You will agree with us that one of the major concerns that anyone could have after jaw surgery is their diet. Soft foods are the answer to all your concerns.

In as much as the jaw is not wired shut, you still need to exercise all caution so that you do not irritate the wound or tamper with the clot. Soft and liquid foods serve two purposes. Firstly, they decrease the activity of the jaw significantly. Secondly, they cut down on any unwanted pain. A liquid diet is not just limited to water and juices. When you have a good blender you can blend stews, apples, carrots and so much more. After the doctors have cleared you to eat, gradually start with easy-to-chew foods as you advance. Ensure that you keep your mouth clean by rinsing with warm salty water after every meal. Brushing gently will help prevent plaque buildup that could cause infection and gum disease.

Pain management

Pain and swelling are expected after jaw surgery. Besides pain medication, applying a cold compress can help soothe the swelling and reduce the discomfort. Applying heat could also help not just with the pain but reduce the swelling as well. Pain medications may sometimes cause you to have constipation. To prevent this, drink plenty of water to aid not just in digestion but also in keeping the mouth clean. Overall, take the time to rest and recover. Allow your body to divert all the energy it needs to heal and not on other strenuous activities. You can be sure that our doctors will stay in touch to monitor your healing and recovery journey.

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