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What Is Perio Therapy?

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
What Is Perio Therapy?Many people focus on treating issues affecting their teeth without consideration of the surrounding structures. A huge percentage of adults struggle with chronic inflammatory conditions or periodontitis. If left unattended, the condition increases your chances of suffering tooth loss and can increase your risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. When you visit a periodontist, they can recommend undergoing perio therapy. You may be wondering what the procedure involves and why you consider it. Keep reading to learn more about this dental therapy.

Understanding Perio Therapy

Perio or periodontal therapy is a dentistry field that focuses on treating and hearing the structures supporting and surrounding your teeth. The target parts of this therapy are the gums, teeth, bones, and periodontal ligaments. It aims to help you prevent, treat and provide intervention for managing periodontal diseases. This therapy combines surgical and non-surgical options for treating gum diseases. A periodontist will determine the best option depending on your case.

What Does Perio Therapy Involve?

This gum treatment option offers several options to help you manage and treat your periodontal diseases. The first procedure is scaling and root planing, a non-surgical option for cleaning plaque underneath your gum. The procedure helps treat mild to moderate periodontal cases. The next option is the tray delivery system, where the periodontist fits trays in your mouth that can deliver medication to the infected gums.

When your case is severe, the non-surgical options will be fruitless. Your periodontist can recommend a surgical treatment to help restore your gum health and treat the affected teeth. Gum grating is one of the options for this case. This procedure allows you to protect your tooth root after suffering a severe gum recession. The next therapy is gum flap surgery, where the surgeon cuts your gums and folds them back to allow thorough cleaning of the roots underneath.

Perio therapy is suitable for restoring dental health and healing from periodontal disease. Consider visiting our offices or contacting one of our periodontists for a periodontal therapy session today.
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