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Is Gum Grafting Around Dental Implants Necessary?

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Evan
Is Gum Grafting Around Dental Implants Necessary?Dental implants are essential for replacing lost or missing teeth, but it is not enough. Your dental health also depends on your gums. Having strong and healthy gums contributes to the success of your implant procedure. Your gum needs to be enough to cover the dental implants. When you visit a periodontist, they may recommend gum grafting to go together with the dental implant procedure. Gum grafting involves taking soft tissues from other mouth parts and grafting them into your gums. You may be wondering why this procedure is necessary. Here are some reasons:

You Need Healthy Gum For Your Dental Implant To Last

The lifespan of your dental implants relies on your gum health. If you have weak and receded gums, the dental implants will not attach firmly, affecting their healing. Gum grafting saves you from further gum tissue recession. It also preserves your bone mass. These aspects contribute to better dental implant healing and success.

It Helps To Restore Your Smile After A Dental Implant

Dental implants appear like natural teeth and help you to restore your smile. This makes them a good idea for replacing lost teeth. However, receding gums can ruin your smile. The receded gum tissues leave your dental abutment and prosthetic joint exposed. A gum graft can help you have adequate gum tissues to cover this junction. It also prevents the accumulation of bacteria on the joint, which enhance and maintains your attractive appearance.

It Saves You From Future Gum Recession

When you have a gum recession, placing dental implants will be a challenge. Gum grafting can save you from future gum recession and help maintain your bone mass. The procedure will reduce your risks of dental implant failure and other complications due to exposed implants.

If you are struggling with gum disease and considering a dental implant procedure, consider talking to a periodontist. Reach out to one of our specialists for advice on whether gum graft is the right procedure for you.

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