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Treatment of Periodontal Diseases During Pregnancy

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
Treatment of Periodontal Diseases During PregnancyIt is during pregnancy that hormones change as it grows bigger and bigger. These changes cause disturbances to the gums' blood supply leading to a gum disease illness known as gingivitis. This disease is supposed to be stopped early enough before it graduates to a more difficult called periodontitis which could cause severe damage to your child and mother. Here is how to ensure that does not happen to you and your loved one.

Diagnosis Before Treatment

Frequent visits during pregnancy are good and recommendable for maintaining good oral health. When you don't miss your dental visits, that is the only way a diagnosis can be taken early to prevent risks to the mother and child and make treatment easier. Besides, during these checkups, a dentist can identify any periodontal illness in whichever stage it could have graduated. Your dentist will recommend using a digital x-ray because it is the safest during pregnancy to examine the inner parts of the mouth that cannot be seen with bare eyes.

Treating Periodontal diseases To an Expectant Person

After an exam is done and a patient has been identified to be suffering from periodontitis, the dentist will make a recommendation for a treatment plan customized to the patient's needs. Unlike in a normal instance where a man or a person who is not pregnant requires immediate treatment, pregnant women must wait until they are safe for the treatment. Dentists request patients be treated once they reach their second trimester. At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus is now stable enough and fully formed and attached to the uterus, making it safe for periodontal treatment.

A thorough cleaning effectively clears any formed microbial deposits or plaques that cause periodontitis. Anti-inflammatory therapy is then prescribed based on what a patient requires and the depth of the infection. A hygienic technique to maintain good dental health after treatment will be requested.

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