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Tips for Talking About Gum Disease With The Dentist

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Evan
Tips for Talking About Gum Disease With The DentistGum disease affects a lot of American adults- over 45% of American adults and 70% of senior adults suffer from gum disease. If you are concerned you may have gum disease, it's time you talked to the dentist.

Here are some tips for having a conversation with a dental practitioner. The sooner you talk to the dentist, the sooner your gum disease can get treated.

Be Upfront About Your Dental Concerns

If you are worried about gum disease, you need to be honest when you visit the dentist's office. If you don't brush and floss regularly, or if you haven't visited the office in years, the dental practitioner needs to know that.

There's other information the dentist needs to know. If you have a chronic medical condition such as a heart condition or diabetes, dental practitioners need that information in order to treat your gum disease.

Dental practitioners also need to know if you take medication, if you drink or smoke, or if you use recreational drugs. This is so they can get the most accurate picture of your dental health.

Talk About Your Gum Issues

In order to treat your gums the best they can, dental practitioners need to know the type of symptoms you are experiencing. That's because the stage of gum disease you have depends a lot on your symptoms.

If you have red, puffy, or bleeding gums, you most likely need to be treated for Stage One of gum disease. If your gums are receding or infected or your teeth are loose, you may be in Stage Two or Stage Three of gum disease, which is more serious.

No matter what stage of gum disease you are in, dental practitioners can help you get your teeth and gums in the best shape possible. The sooner you get to a dentist, the sooner your gums can begin to heal.

Are you worried about your gum disease and how it can be treated? We can help. You can call us to book an appointment.

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