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WHY DID YOU BECOME A COSMETIC DENTAL SURGEON My background in molecular genetics led me to a fascination with  the  surgical aspect of  oral  cavities ALTERNATIVE OCCUPATION Fashion/Interior designer HOBBIES Boating, golf, travel, learning about different cultures. I am taking a cooking class PLACE YOU GO TO ESCAPE THE OFFICE The Caribbean FRAMED PHOTOS ON YOUR DESK My mother and my brothers; my stunningly beautiful niece, Isabella PRO BONO WORK I teach at Harvard University Dental School and teach children in area schools about proper oral hygiene I START EACH DAY At the gym I’M NEVER WITHOUT My cell phone, because I feel comfortable when my patients can reach me I WOULD LOVE TO OWN A boat
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For cosmetic dentist Dr. Gus Dehni, staying connected with patients is a top priority. In addition to the post-procedure phone call he or a member of his staff makes, every patient receives the dentist’s personal mobile phone number, which allows the dentist to be reachable at any time, no matter where he travels.
“Every patient is unique and deserves the full attention of our entire staff from the moment they walk in for a consultation,” says Dr. Dehni. Specializing in the diagnosis of gum and bone disease, dental implantation, reconstructive bone surgery and cosmetic oral plastic surgery, Dr. Dehni recognizes that every patient’s aesthetic and functional needs are different and each deserves special attention. “We regard each patient as a very important person,” says the dentist.

In addition to being accessible at all times, Dr. Dehni also offers patients the most up-to-date in-house technology, including the latest generation of computed tomography scan (CT scan), which is rarely available outside of hospitals. “Basically, we give you the latest and best possible treatment,” says Dehni. This state-of-the-art equipment assists Dr. Dehni in the planning of the surgery before the actual procedure. He explains, “The final result in both function and aesthetic presentation is analyzed beforehand.” Dr. Dehni’s friendly, straightforward rapport with patients allows them to feel comfortable with the dentist immediately and encourages them to ask questions. Dr. Dehni says, “Just by talking to them, the confidence that you project to patients really helps make them feel at ease.” 508-996-3131, 508-679-4616 or newbeauty.com/dehni.

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“Every patient is unique and will be taken care of.”


“My most performed procedures are CLASSIC PERIODONTAL SURGERIES that target disease, as well as dental implantation that replaces missing teeth, for both function and appearance,” explains Dr. Dehni. Using Novocain locally, Dr. Dehni assures patients that the surgery is painless and he gives them frequent breaks during the procedure, as comfort is a top priority. Patients are offered medication to help them relax, and soothing music plays in the background. For DENTAL IMPLANTS, which could include the building up of bone and tissue in addition to securing the tooth implant itself, Dr. Dehni points out that it is a team effort. He says that 95 percent of his patients are referred to him for surgery, so they are able to go back to their referring dentist for crowns afterward. “We ensure that the bone and gum is at the ideal level before the referring dentist puts the crown onto the implant.” The implants, made from SPACE-AGE TITANIUM MATERIAL, are biologically inert, which keeps the immune system from rejecting them, allowing Dr. Dehni to create a functional and aesthetically beautiful smile.